#2 - Goodbye Silver Lake, Hello Venice!

I am finally leaving the awesome and trendy neighborhood of Silver Lake for the equally awesome and trendy neighborhood of Venice Beach. Come November 1st, a new person will be taking over my lease and he happens to be a good friend of mine! That saved me the troubles of going through Craigslist and all that jazz.

As much as I enjoyed being within 5 minutes of one of the best ramen places in the city, I soon learned that everything has a comparable (or better) equivalent in the Westside. Also, a five minute Uber ride to a cool, but expensive cafe with OK coffee is easily beat by a one minute walk to the Venice Canals. Yes, I’ve been hopelessly converted.

Now, Tony and I are about to test just how much we’ve learned in all those hours of watching HGTV nonstop (we’re obsessed with Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Fixer Upper).