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- “Me and You and Everyone We Know” is a lovely, lovely film. Thanks, Gian, for making me watch it.
- I only have 7 weeks left at work aka HELL. I am so glad to be leaving soon.
- My camera’s still undergoing repair. Hay. So I’ve been using my Polaroid camera lately.
- Still, life is great. The positive things definitely outweigh the negative ones. Someone’s keeping me grounded.

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  3. pavliuts said: u should read no one belongs here more than you. its every bit as amazing as the movie. and i believe she’s coming up with another film soon.
  4. iusepseudonyms said: im happy for you re: leaving work. goodluck on your future endeavors! :)
  5. presidents said: i love that movie! how long are you going to be away? also, you know, we never had that lunch date thing!
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