I'm a super shy live music & travel photographer. I post snippets of my daily life and other mundane things. Out of all the crap I blab about, I think you can trust my opinion on music the most. Read more. Sometimes, I blog with a few more words here.

I finally got encounters with strangers to look the way I’ve always wanted it to! It looks a bit like my portfolio now so there’s consistency at least. I spent hours last night playing with the code and learning more CSS stuff. I really, really love how it looks now. I’ve updated my blogroll with more of my favorites. If you have a blog and would like to exchange links, let me know!

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  2. rayrina84 said: Hello, erm, how do you make your photos high-res in blogger without having to edit them individually? (I’ve been trying to do that with my blog for ages) I just checked out your blog (it’s nice by the way - the new layout!)
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