I'm a super shy live music & travel photographer. I post snippets of my daily life and other mundane things. Out of all the crap I blab about, I think you can trust my opinion on music the most. Read more. Sometimes, I blog with a few more words here.

Hello! I am launching a supplemental blog for “Spaces” soon called “Today From Far Away”. Unlike Spaces which I update once every week, the blog will be updated daily with posts (hopefully) coming from different parts of the world. I’m really excited about it and I hope you can submit to the launching week’s theme, “My First Day”. If you have any questions, ask away! Click here to view the details above in full. Please spread the word!

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  7. oswwy said: Ate Zet, anyone can join right? I have so much events this week. that’s why i was wondering if anyone can join? I wanted to use my camera as much as I can this year too. And… By the way, should I spread the word? Haha
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