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This is New York. I’ve always loved this city and now, I’ve been given a reason to return. I have some very exciting news to share: Magnum Photos informed me that I have been accepted into their “Magnum In Motion” internship for July-September 2011. I’ve never woken up to news as good as this one before. It’s just absolutely crazy! I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected. However, I might not be able to go because New York is so expensive. The longest I’ve stayed there is a week and this internship is three months long and unpaid. I can’t even imagine how much that would cost. O_O

Still, I am trying to find ways to make this happen. I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I don’t go now, I won’t ever be able to. Right?! Damn it.

BRB. Going to join the lottery now.

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  12. shekkung said: Whoa.Congratulations, Zet! Did you apply/filled an application for an internship in Magnum or just being chosen? God, either is good actually, and congrats! :)
  13. awarewolves said: I really really hope you could go!
  14. captainbackfire said: congrats zet! :) hope you find a way to go!
  15. loopypool said: hello! congrats!:)
  16. craneyourneck said: Good luck! I’m so proud and happy for you!
  17. flowersinmytummy said: AHHHH PLZZ GO!
  18. lisahh said: Make it happen girl! You deserve the world!
  19. aquafire said: GO GO GO GO GO!! This’ll open so many opportunities for you, Ate Zet!!