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Do you remember this vintage camera bag I posted about a year ago? I got it from a thrift store for $2.99 (or maybe a bit more). I’m trying to find out where it came from or what its brand is. I mean, maybe they still make bags, right?

Details: The zippers have “MIT” engraved on them and underneath, it says “Coast TB—6”. Help?

Oh, dear Malibu! aka a late travel blog entry. It’s incredibly difficult to keep a travel diary while traveling because at the end of the day, you’re either too tired or too lazy to write about what just happened. I’m considering leaving my laptop behind for my trip this May. I mean, it’ll only last eight days. Might as well enjoy it to the fullest, right? …But what if I get an important email? What if I need to contact someone? Sigh. It sucks how dependent I am on technology.

(In this photo: Yoss, Nat, and Selin! Chicas guapas.)

Hold your breath.

Just arrived in Vegas! We’re at the Hilton now and we’re leaving for the street party in a few minutes. Happy new yeaaaar! :D

Happiest place on earth! Almost! <3

You know you’re lonely when you see a cute couple walking hand in hand and all you can think of saying is, “Get a room!”.

Unfortunately, today was awful.