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Despite April’s rather disappointing turnout in number of books read, I can’t say I feel bad about it. The books I did read last month were mostly very good and that made me care a little less about reaching 52 books this year (although, I do want to). Anyway.

These are the books that I’m committing myself to this month. Since it’s the first of May, I thought it fitting to start the month right by listing down the books I want to finish this month. I’m not too hopeful with Infinite Jest though because it is a monster and a month might not be enough for a slow-reader like me. I mean, look at that freakin bookmark! See how far up it still is? Geez.

  1. "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer
  2. "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by John Green and David Levithan
  3. "Bowl of Cherries" by Millard Kaufman
  4. "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace

I think four is a good number to start with even if it’s a little unrealistic with Infinite Jest being there. I’m going to try my best though.

What are you planning to read this month?


Currently reading “Hero” by Perry Moore. I finished Nick Hornby’s “Slam” in one sitting which didn’t surprise me because a) it was quite an easy read; b) it wasn’t boring at all; c) it wasn’t that long to begin with.

Anyway, now I have two book reviews to write and I will get to that tomorrow morning. For now, I shall hit the sack. Goodnight! :) <EDIT:>Edition</EDIT>

I have a new book because I am an awful, awful human being who can’t stay true to my word. But I kind of swore to my mom that this will be the last book I’m buying this month and I haven’t been tempted since. Really. I do visit the bookstore still, but I leave without buying anything. It’s quite an achievement.

A few other things:

  • Halfway through the book I’m currently in and it’s inciting some very weird and random emotions in me. Oh, and I kind of wish I had $30,000 to give away as well. But knowing me, I would probably end up spending that much money on myself.
  • I didn’t step out of the house at all today. Not that it’s unusual or anything. I’ve gotten quite used to this since graduating.
  • I feel like re-watching “Singing In The Rain” tonight. I miss that film so much.

I’ve been on Tumblr all day as well in between reading and eating. I didn’t even take a nap! I’m going crazy here at home.

These are two of my new books. I bought “Breakfast of Champions” along with “The Stranger”. While I got Perry Moore’s “Hero” a few days ago. Book ban? What is that?

Also, I’m looking for people to swap the following books with (let’s help each other not buy new ones haha):

  1. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
  2. A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena De Blasi
  3. Love Invents Us by Amy Bloom
  4. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

I’ll take pictures of them later. If interested, message me on Tumblr or e-mail me (miss AT rozettediaz.com). :)

It’s what actually caught my eye!


Nowhere Man
By Aleksandar Hemon

I feel that a re-reading is necessary for me to fully grasp this one. Aleksandar Hemon is just as I had experienced it before: vivid, witty, and also, unmistakeably full of despair…

Read more.

I said I’d finish it before the month ends and I did. I feel weird whenever I turn that last page of every book I read - happy that I finished another book, sad that I have to leave those characters and their world behind. But mostly, I end up feeling accomplished. Although, I really do need to re-read this particular book.


An Abundance of Katherines
By John Green

For those who have asked me to write about this: I did and, well, like I always say, I’m not much of a book reviewer, but I try. :)

I tried and nope, I can’t read two books at once. So I’m going to finish this first before I continue with “The Paris Review Book: of Heartbreak…”. I get distracted so easily.