"The bulbs and mirrors appear locked in a never-ending cycle of approach and departure, like doomed lovers - except that the relationship is a futile, narcissist one, for the ‘Other’ is, in this instance, the reflection of the ‘Self’".

Suzann Victor’s Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame (1994)

Did you have a so-so year? Here’s a mix I made that fully summarizes 2011 for me (which is why the order of the songs is pretty important). Stream it and put it in the background while you’re doing your thing! Hope you like.

A couple of things (+ my “awkward picture” face)!

  • I am back on Formspring!
  • I am trying my best to get Spaces ready before the month ends. I really, really want you all to see it already. I’ve been doing the images on the site as well and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. Give me a blank map right now and point to wherever, I might be able to tell you the name of the continent and maybe even the country.
  • My mom introduced me to Bakery Story which is an app that’s addictive as hell. If you play it too, mind adding me as your neighbor?
  • I wanna go out! Blah.