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We are back! Would you like to read with us again? Grab a copy of Dave Eggers’ “What Is The What” which we’ll read for the whole month of February. Yay!

I’m reviving the book club and you should participate! For the month of February, we’ll be reading Dave Eggers’ “What Is The What”! Go buy/borrow a copy now.

What I’m doing tonight.

I had an awesome time at the beach today!

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Sacrament is the early version of You Shall Know Our Velocity! which also has the extra chapter from Hand’s perspective. This copy is signed too. Unfortunately, this isn’t mine.

From The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011

Dave Eggers books at the West Hollywood Library.

Read this at the bookstore today. I didn’t bother correcting (e.g. The Beach Fossils = Beach Fossils) and retyped it as is.

GPOYW Turning to my favorite book because real life is crappy at the moment and I need to distract myself.

Or, seriously, this book is freaking awesome.

(It’s “You Shall Know Our Velocity! by Dave Eggers.)