I swore I wouldn’t buy anything until I saw THIS. Why do you do this to me, Fully Booked?!


Now I have an extra copy that I don’t know what to do with. I should sell it, but who would buy it if they could get it at a bookstore? I wasn’t even supposed to be there. My sister wanted to check out some stuff and I ended up wandering in the YA section. I saw this lonesome copy and picked it up. I need to avoid bookstores.

Y’know what, screw the so-called book ban. I found this today while waiting for my mom and I wasn’t even supposed to buy anything in the first place.

A few observations from today:

  • They have a few copies in their North Edsa branch. If you’re planning to buy one and you’re from the North, try that branch.
  • I checked the Filipiniana section (is that what it’s called?) just for kicks and found lots of copies of Sir Groyon’s books. (To my fellow DLSU Comm Arts graduates: Ang dami niya na palang libro?! I’m so ignorant.)
  • Overheard at the YA section:
    "Why are there so many vampire books?"
    "That’s the way it is."
    "Vampires, puro nalang vampires!”
  • Fully Booked has replenished their shelves. They have Michael Chabon’s “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" now.
  • I hate these sensor/alarm stickers that National Bookstore sticks on the books. You can’t remove them without damaging the book. >:|

BY THE WAY, I watched Kick-Ass with my mom and we LOVED it! Aaron Johnson’s American accent is pretty impressive. And he’s cute. <3 Anyway, I’m going to fix my new bookshelf tomorrow and maybe post a photo here. I’m going to watch season two of The Office now.