I made you guys a wallpaper. It’s in one size only because I’m lazy. The line is from Pablo Neruda’s poem called, “Every Day You Play” or if you’re not into Neruda like me, it’s a line that can also be found in Deb Talan’s lovely song called, “Cherry Trees” (which is, of course, a Neruda reference still). Whatever. Download it here!

Forgiven" by Deb Talan

You are forgiven
I open all my doors
You are forgiven
What a heart is for
I am no martyr
You give me reason
I try harder
and I wait
for a warmer season
You are

How Will He Find Me" by Deb Talan

If I don’t stand out like a star among the moons
If I am always late and he always backs away too soon
I walk the world with a skin so thin
I can wear no adequate protection
Everything comes crashing in.
If I’m too wide open for this place
But not enough for him to recognize my face

How will he find me
With no one’s arms to gather me together?
How will he find me?
Only held by gravity, faded with uncertainty
No longer young and not that pretty
How will he ever find me?

The Gladdest Thing" by Deb Talan

Doesn’t each of us have a place we belong
Could be a sidewalk crack or sad song
Inside our searching is desire to etch a silent thought in stone
To make our tender heart known