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Ben Folds + Nick Hornby + Pomplamoose? WHAT IS THIS AWESOMENESS?


Barry: I wanna date a musician. 
Rob Gordon: I wanna live with a musician. She’d write songs at home and ask me what I thought of them, and maybe even include one of our little private jokes in the liner notes. 
Barry: Maybe a little picture of me in the liner notes. 
Dick: Just in the background somewhere.

High Fidelity (2000)

I got these in the mail today. They’re secondhand books from eBay.ph and they’re in very good condition. Also why I suggested them to our spankin’ new book club, Read Hard!. Would you believe that I got these for only $4 each? Really great finds, IMHO. I can still shop for books online guilt-free. The downside is that they rarely have the titles you’re looking for. I was just lucky I guess to have found these two (I’m talking about the local eBay sellers, alright).

By the way, we’ve chosen our first book already so head on over to our Tumblr page if you want to join. You’re also free to follow if you’re interested in reading our progress, thoughts, etc.

Tomorrow, I am going to The Fort to have lunch with two college friends and maybe visit the biggest bookstore in Manila. I sincerely hope I don’t find anything worth buying.

Currently reading this. I have to stop reading in a few hours because I have lots of work to do today:

  • Movie review in 3 perspectives
  • Web design
  • Book review for “You Shall Know Our Velocity”
  • Write a few letters

So far, I’ve started on NONE. I’m so lazy especially on weekends. I was reading in bed earlier and I ended up falling asleep which happens to me almost all the time.

Anyway, hope your weekend’s going swell! Thanks for the messages you guys sent me. I really appreciate them. :)

So.. my mom caught me buying a new book this afternoon and I got a much-deserved lecture. (It’s Nick Hornby’s “Slam”.) Also, that book with the yellow sticker on the spine - that’s called “Egyptian Adventures” from my high school’s little library. I didn’t deliberately steal it or anything. I had borrowed it and thought I’d lost it.