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Taken with Instagram



WIWT/GPOY Maturity Edition.

WIWT (What I’m Wearing Tomorrow… :P)

WIWT Haircut + a fun, fun day

Just a closer look at ze jacket (that I’m clearly in love with).

WIWT Birthday purchase #2: My new favorite jacket! I’ve been wearing it with everything - sundresses, cords, shorts (like in the photo, but you can’t see it) - because it’s THAT perfect.

Room’s messy as always, but whatever.

WIWT Girly nerd swag

Retro WIWT I used to dress like this back in college. This was taken two years ago, I think?

Also, my face - obviously taken mid-sentence. A rather angry sentence, I can imagine.

EDIT: I found a better photo! Haha