An episode I wrote of Cartoon Network’s How to Train Your Dragon TV series, (DreamWorks’ Dragons: Riders of Berk) airs tomorrow night!

8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific. I haven’t seen the final animation, but the series so far has looked tremendous for CG. And this episode, titled “When Lightning Strikes,” should have some cool special effects at very least.

Hope you were able to catch the excellent episode 13 of How To Train Your Dragon because this awesome person right here wrote it!

P.S. It’s currently on YouTube if you missed it.

Why the internet is awesome: You meet people like PJ whose drive and passion for art makes me feel like a total slacker. He just sent me this lovely Henri Cartier-Bresson postcard. He’s one of my all-time favorite photographers (and most likely everyone else’s too. I mean, why not?). Thank you, PJ!

Why I suck: I owe mail to so many of you and I’m sorry! I’ve been so caught up with work (and blah blah blah), but I promise to swing by the post office tomorrow to send out the first batch of postcards and vinyls. I have to do them in batches because I ran out of postcards! :| Zet suuuuucks, man.