Hey you reading this, I’d like to thank that this text caught your attention. Philippine tourism has so much potential and so does social media.

We’re about to launch a new site called Meet Manila. This is where we’ll bring Philippine tourism in the presence of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr and the like. So pin it, post it, instagram it, and tweet about the places you’ve been and wish to go. Meet Manila is a portal to “Discover places and stories through social media.” 

If you like the idea, visit and like us on https://www.facebook.com/meetmanila

Pin away on http://pinterest.com/meetmanila

We’re launching www.meetmanila.com soon!

Gooooooood, finally! This is what we need.

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“Practiced in Mexico for well over a century, the art of dressing fleas in tiny costumes has now almost entirely disappeared. This image shows a pair of fleas dressed in tiny male and female costumes; other examples are grouped into scenes like weddings. This form of Mexican artwork is a traditional artform that is entirely unique to Mexico.

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