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Thank you for all the birthday greetings! My inbox is filled with sweet messages. <3 Also, I got all your addresses. Now I know where you guys live. This is going to help me begin my plan of world domination…

What a lovely day this was. My co-worker Laura and my bosses surprised me with cake and ice cream at work which was really sweet. Then when I got home, my family surprised me with more cake and Panda Express’ orange chicken (my fave). So yeah, looovely. I have enough orange chicken to last me ‘til next weekend. Fireworks in my belly!

(If you’re wondering why I have that sweater on ALL THE TIME, it’s because I’ve been wearing it to sleep. It’s so comfortable.)


Happy Birthday, planetickets!


I’ll be posting some of my favorite shots today because I feel like 2011 was a great year for me photography-wise. I hope I get better this year! (This photo is my current Twitter profile pic!)

For my birthday this year, I want to send out postcards like I used to. Send me your address!

GPOYW I put my hair up in a bun today for the first time since… forever. I know I look weird, but I always embarrass myself here anyway. It’s also my “Hey, I’m 22 now!” photo. I plan to buy chocolate cake and boba tomorrow for lunch (two of my favorite things in the world). TWENTY TWO, DAMN IT. WHY?

Now That I’m Older" by Sufjan Stevens

There’s so much travel
And now that I’m older
Someone else, can see it for myself

My birthday jam.

Birthday purchase #1: Timex Weekender! Off to get me some straps!

Because two not-so-happy days are approaching: 1. My 22nd birthday on Thursday and 2. Valentine’s Day next week. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite sad bastard songs for your fragile hearts. Enjoy my bitter offering.

Closer But Never Quite There | A Mix

  1. Sentimental Lady (Cover) by Benoît Pioulard
  2. I’m Losing Myself (Feat. Ed Droste) by Robin Pecknold
  3. The Darkest Side by The Middle East
  4. For The Sake Of My Pride by The Acorn
  5. Love Don’t Leave by Avalanche City
  6. Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men
  7. Reminders of Then by Kimya Dawson
  8. Hello Rain by The Softies
  9. A Case of You by Joni Mitchell
  10. Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club
  11. Invisible by Wild Beasts
  12. Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel
  13. Maps by Peter Broderick
  14. Our Last Moment in Song by Brian McBride

Warning: This is NOT a happy, lovey dovey playlist. If you listen to this for inspiration, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

Clicking this means, “Yes, Zet, I have been warned and if I end up feeling miserable later on, I will NOT blame it on you.

Filipino food is the best.
Filipino food is the best.
Filipino food is the best.
Filipino food is the best.
Filipino food is the best.

Filipino food is the best.

My sister turned 20 today! Which means in less than 2 weeks, I turn 22. *tears*

This is where I celebrated my 21st birthday with my closest friends! :)

The reason why my friends were dragging my ass up to school: They gave me a birthday cake! Actually, they were asking me to go out with them tomorrow, but, unfortunately, I’m going to Tagaytay with my mom. Turns out, they wanted to throw a surprise party for me. Aww. It’s cliche, but perfectly true, that it’s really the thought that counts. :)