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Hey, guys! I’ve partnered up with Orange Glad, a monthly subscription box filled with some of the best sweets you’ll ever have in your life. If you use The Adult Contemporary’s promo code ADULT8, they’ll shave 10% off your order. Pretty cool, yes? Check out my review here.

In the name of fattiness, I present to you a super quick recipe - cheesy corn and eggs!

2 large range-free eggs
3/4 cup sweet whole kernel corn
1 sliced cheese
1/2 tbsp chicken broth powder

I reviewed the pilot of Masters of Sex. You can find it here.

I have officially moved my personal blog from “Encounters With Strangers” to “The Adult Contemporary! My first blog post is about Sufjan Stevens’ Michigan album for Sunday Vinyl. It was about time to move on from my super old blog entries and start fresh. Expect an update daily!