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WIWT (What I’m Wearing Tomorrow… :P)

A couple of things I thought about during mass today:

  • I don’t ever want to have kids!
    Context: I was seated for more than an hour beside four spoiled kids who wailed and kicked and punched each other the whole time. The tiniest one was even playing with an iPhone 4 and he wasn’t a happy camper.
    And now? I don’t know. It was pretty bad. I kind of enjoy my quiet time.

  • Sufjan’s sitting in front of me again.
    Context: There’s a guy who comes to hear mass alone every Sunday. His face, body, and mannerisms really make me wonder if he’s even remotely related to Sufjan Stevens. Maybe he a cousin or, who knows, a long lost twin?
    And now? I hope he sits in front of me again next Sunday. /creeper alert

  • Why Denny’s? Why not Porto’s?
    Context: Our priest always mentions that he’s going off to Denny’s for Thanksgiving dinner/Christmas dinner/regular dinner. Why?! Everything’s so greasy and unhealthy in there.
    And now? I’d go to Denny’s for some fries and red velvet puppies if I could.

  • If you step on these shoes, I will slap your face off.
    Context: See first bullet point. Two words: VIOLENT KIDS.
    And now? I probably wouldn’t have slapped the kid if she had stepped on my shoes. The Zet in my head just tends to exaggerate certain qualities that are lacking in me in real life (like toughness and poise, for example).

  • Mass is fun.
    Context: All of the above. 

Yeah, I get pretty distracted.

Outfit: scarf - Target, skirt - F21, tights + socks - Urban Outfitters, shoes = 80%20, shirt - Hollister Co., cardigan - Giordano, bag - vintage

Off to Church! Still thinking about using this scarf or not.


  • I walked about 2 miles with an empty stomach and ended up feeling really dizzy by the time I reached Starbucks. I really hate it when I’m still trying to decide what to get, but the barista’s waiting with that impatient smile and stare. Can’t you give me a couple more minutes of peace? Anyway, I was pressured into buying a grande cup of iced latte and a panini from hell. I spent money on the worst damn panini in the world. Throwing most of it in the bin felt really good though.

  • I almost bought “The Jedi Path” and a Star Wars Moleskine notebook. Backed out after using the force to control myself.

  • Who braved the Black Friday crowd? How was it?

Allow me to just wonder out loud, who in their right mind would buy this?!

Today’s outfit’s theme is identity crisis.

1. Rock and roll tee - It says Chiodos, see?
2.  Floral shorts - Kind of screams The O.C. to me. A little bit.
Special mention: My dog, Yoda, behind me. Posing like he doesn’t care. 

(And if you haven’t noticed, I’m not at work. Teeheehee.)

How are you? Photo reply is on so feel free to show off your outfits.

The cold weather in Baguio allowed me to wear more layers of clothing than usual (although it wasn’t as cold as we initially expected, no thanks to global warming). Other pros of cold weather: the insignificance of airconditioning; the availability of fresh strawberries; the smell of the cool air that’s so conspicuously different from the more polluted city air. Cons of cold weather: the need to pee at shorter intervals; that sudden wave of heat once you arrive back home wearing sweaters and long sleeves.

How neat!