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2011 in Live Shows: All the shows I went to this year.

My most listened to artists in 2011 according to Last.fm. Of course, doesn’t include the MANY times my iPod failed to scrobble. But it’s a pretty good estimate nonetheless. I can’t believe I already saw 7 out of my top 11 artists live. It’s been awesome then, music-wise.  Yes, I’m doing a 2011 recap of sorts.

In 2012, I will…
  1. Take better pictures.
  2. Be brave enough to let people in.
  3. Take risks, but THINK.
  4. Work extra hard.
  5. SAY YES!

Lights Out, Words Gone" by Bombay Bicycle Club

Keep your old and wasted words
My heart is breaking like you heard
But the town has always turned
These lies and made them all burn

Let’s end 2011 with some awesome music, shall we?