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GPOY From 2008. I still wear all of those today — especially that dress/top (proof #1). And I have the same hairstyle right now!

Hello! I am so excited for Outside Lands. Someone help me figure out where to park though!

GPOY Hello, July!

Is anyone else freaking out about the fact that we’re more than halfway through the year? Pretty crazy. I would write a bit more about why this year has been amazing so far, but I’d need a couple of hours at least to gather my thoughts. Also, I would want to include photographic evidence. I hate how I’ve become that kind of blogger, you know? I always try to cover up the weakness of my words with visuals.

But anyway, new month. Cuhraaazy. Talk to me about stuff.

Well, big achievement! My hair is finally long enough to be tied in half. I’ve been waiting (rather impatiently) for this. Not that any of you needed to know this, but it’s worth celebrating for me. Good timing too because I am off to see Chad VanGaalen and Mogwai live in a bit! I will be taking a whole bunch of pictures and maybe drink a few. Who the heck knows? I’m just so happy it’s the weekend again. It feels like the week that followed Memorial Day went by like a freaking snail. Torture.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!



Proof that I am full of shit:

  • What I say to people: I really don’t like animal prints especially on clothes.
    What I actually do: Buy a sweater dress with very prominent animal print on sale. Then I wear it to an event.

  •  What I say to people: People should stop taking mirror self-portraits. It’s stupid.
    What I actually do: Take a bunch of them while waiting for a friend in a restroom. Classy.

  • THIS: (There’s more, but I’ll spare you.)