Music Ask!

  • 1: A song you would get married to.
  • 2: A song you would kiss to.
  • 3: A song you would describe your life in.
  • 4: A song you would call your theme song.
  • 5: A song you would break-up with someone to.
  • 6: A song you would have sex to.
  • 7: A song you would fall asleep to.
  • 8: A song you would die to.
  • 9: A song you would dance to.
  • 10: A song you find out shocking news to.

Share your SPACE!

Some of you may know about my little project called SPACES. I’ve been really fortunate to have such wonderful people participate and share their personal spaces with me and the rest of the internet. (Like Laala and Stijn who are both on Tumblr, for example).

Lately I’ve been contemplating on taking the project a notch higher by photographing the participant’s space myself. Take note, this is an experiment. The nature of this project isn’t to flaunt the interior design of someone’s apartment. Its goal is to give a more personal insight to a person’s way of life, how similar or different it may be, many miles away from us. I don’t know what the effect will be of personally interacting with the participant as I’ve always done it through email. It may improve the outcome or it may not. Like I said, it’s an experiment.

Personal spaces vary from your desk in your room where you work all the time, to that table in a coffee shop that you always go to for a cup of coffee while you read a book, or that hidden spot near your house where you retreat to for a quiet time. It could also mean your luggage if you’re someone who does not stay in one place for too long. It could be anything at all.

With that said, if you are interested in being the guinea pig for this new chapter of Spaces, please get in touch! You must be in Los Angeles to be considered. If you aren’t and you would still like to participate, email me. Check out the participants here.


I suddenly got a bunch of new followers. Hello, I’m Zet. Care to introduce yourselves? (Also, where did you all come from? Who’s the kind soul that referred you?)

Witness Our Youth! Reminder

 The deadline is approaching! Please do send your awesome contributions by April 17. I will be spending the rest of the month reviewing entries with a couple of friends. Here are the details again.

The issue two CD will include lots of awesome short films, original music by the featured musicians, and the PDF file of the magazine. If you are interested in contributing, just e-mail me atyoushall AT witnessouryouth DOT com.

  • For writers, you might be interested in submitting to our Ten-Minute Stories project. Write a fiction or non-fiction story in, well, ten minutes and send it to us complete with the date, time, and location.

  • For photographers and artists, since the theme is Strangers for issue two, submit a photo or artwork of a stranger or strangers you have encountered anywhere in the world. You may also include a short description.

  • For filmmakers, if you have any short film that deals with strange people, strange places, strange things, please email us about it. We’d love to include it in our CD.

  • For everyone else, if you have an idea that you would like to share with us for a possible inclusion in issue two, don’t hesitate to let us know.

There will be another launch event for issue two with awesome bands and a meet and greet with the featured artists. Again, deadline is April 17!