We’ve been hiding in our houses together screaming,
"Stay outside, please stay outside"
You can see it in our bloodshot eyes that we’ve been looking for someone
Anyone, but not you, or anyone that looks like you
But if you can find anyone that looks like me

"You Make Me Want To Listen" by Cyberbully Mom Club

holding my breath 
i can’t write anymore without feeling ashamed 
kind of embarrassed of everything that i say 
but not much around you 
i think you know how to listen and off your tongue rolls words 
that pull my teeth into some silly kind of silly simper 
didn’t even know i was smiling 
and i’m embarrassed again. 
when we talk i feel so fine, the other day i wanted to cry 
because i’ve never felt that calm in a long while. 
people just make my head feel wired, i’m always stressing 
about what to say 
but with you, 
my words have a place to stay 
and yours can stay with me.

Spotlight: "Range of Light" by S. Carey

This is our album of the month. It’s so, so beautiful.