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This is our album of the month. It’s so, so beautiful.

I Think I Need A New Heart by The Magnetic Fields because this album is my jam forever.

The Dodos’ Carrier is our album of the month and if you listen to this new track, you’ll know why! Ugh. I love this band so much.

"Never Seen Such Good Things" by Devendra Banhart

This new album is seriously good. I just want it to be my soundtrack for the month of April now that the heat has kicked in. It’s spring!

Pretend You Love Me

Sunday Spins is a weekly playlist you can subscribe to on Spotify! No.1 features songs by Efterklang, James Blake, Chairlift, Benoît Pioulard, and more.


“Love Song” by Vicious The Boat

We’d like to thank Shinji Manlangit and Francis Cabal for helping us produce this song. Oh, and our EP’s coming out this February. :)

Tell me, love, will you stay?
I’ve got something to say
Months from now, years from now
For if I find you somehow

If I nag, if I blame
I hope I don’t scare you away
Know that I’m still the same
From when you first met me

I like too many sci-fi movies
My mind always flies around
But I hope you’ll find these faults amusing
Little quirks that make you smile

So, my love, if you’re there
Know that I’m just miles away
In my room, full of gloom
Writing you a song

Wow, this was almost exactly a year ago! Well, it’s still the month of ~*love*~ so enjoy! Free download available on Bandcamp.