You know, considering the fact that I usually get so stressed out when I’m working and my body’s not physically cooperating (I was injured all weekend), FYF this year turned out to be an awesome time. Mostly because of Tony who took care of me and just proved to be the much needed yin to my yang.

I feel very emotional about this weekend because of my new appreciation for my legs (lol) and my greater appreciation for this guy whose selflessness was just astounding. <3 I’m gonna cry, you guys.

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I still feel like I’m mostly just winging it, life-wise, but this past month has been incredibly overwhelming in almost every department - food, laughter, feelings, discovery, etcetera. I made some awesome new friends and reconnected with some old ones. I’m exploring a part of the city that I’ve largely dismissed in the past and now I feel like a total idiot. It’s great, you guys. The other side is pretty great.

Hello! I’m doing some very exciting things this weekend that I can’t wait to share with you. For now, please check out my photo on the VSCO Grid!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get a little healthy. This week, I walked at least a mile each day which I know isn’t much, but considering the work that I do which requires me to sit in front of the computer for almost 10 hours straight, I think that’s something. I’m trying to figure out whether I should start doing yoga or CrossFit. I really don’t want to bulk up, but I want to feel stronger and leaner. Any advice?

I think one of my biggest problems is lack of sleep. I just don’t get enough of it everyday and I can’t do much about it. When I’m out shooting shows, I end up getting home past midnight and because of the adrenaline rush, I stay up until 2 in the morning just browsing the internet or worse, eating junk food! They say 23 is still young, but I’m going through so many changes physically that it’s hard to keep believing that. I really am starting to feel rusty on so many levels and it’s making me panic a little bit. LIKE A LOT. Like jeezus what am i gonna do omg im so old.