My roommates and I went on a trip!

It was the first time I ever went on a road trip with girl friends because I used to actively avoid forming any female friendships. I always told myself (and other people) that it was because I didn’t have time for female drama, but that was mostly bullshit. I’ve had many great female friends in my short life and it was just a matter of me being picky and lazy to really develop anything substantial with anyone after college. It wasn’t really about me me not knowing how to respond to conversations about make up and such. I just did not giving a fuck and was a shitty friend in general.

The female friends I did manage to keep throughout the years have been the most resilient kind of people who have made the effort to dig through the pile of shit resting on top of the semi-nice person deep inside of me. They’re not many, but they’re real and true.

I also realized I gravitate towards women who do not have much shame. Not in a terrible way, but in a self-deprecating, humorous way. I like being around them because I have a hard time making fun of myself and they encourage me to let loose and feel silly once in a while. I need that kind of lightheartedness in my life.