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I wish this hairstyle suited present-day me.

GPOY From 2008. I still wear all of those today — especially that dress/top (proof #1). And I have the same hairstyle right now!

Retro WIWT I used to dress like this back in college. This was taken two years ago, I think?

Also, my face - obviously taken mid-sentence. A rather angry sentence, I can imagine.

EDIT: I found a better photo! Haha

This was me back in 2008. I am sad now. I lost that whole outfit except for the Marc by Marc Jacobs by blahblahblah tote.

So many things have changed since then.

Oh, it’s so amazing here.

Before I graduated and got a job, I used to do fashion shoots for some of my friends. And I was quite horrible at it. I didn’t know how to make the models pose or how to instruct them to look fierce or model-y so I would always ask one or two of my friends to come with me. Now, while looking at my old pictures, it amazes me how I got through hours of fashion shoots with these gorgeous people. I guess I was never really the fashion photographer type.

The day I met my father. /lame

I am so so sick of summer already. Cold weather can’t get here fast enough!

Where I want to be right now.