Hi, all! I’ve been away from Tumblr for a while because I’ve been so busy working on the relaunch of LA Weekends! We’re celebrating its first year anniversary and we’d like to do it with a redesign, and many other surprises. I hope you check it out once it’s ready for you. ‘Til then, have some beer!

This, my dear friends, is a deconstructed pizza dish. First, you take a bite out of that cheese bread and then you take a shot of the liquid tomatoes. If it sounds bizarre to you, that’s because it kind of is. But it was so freaking great! I had this and many more at this event Restless Cities did last weekend. Thanks to Cheeses of France, we were spoiled rotten the second night (after a rather traumatizing first night). More here.

People I Photographed Without Even Realizing It #2: Billy Zane. I was instructed to harass him for photos, but I had no idea it was the evil Cal from Titanic. He was so nice about it. I had to run after him after he agreed to have his photo taken because people were hounding him. Noticing my predicament, he turned back to me as he was being lead to a food truck and cracked a joke about how I need to “pin it ito win it”. He did a series of silly poses then said goodbye with a wink. What a guy. He’s obviously used to the craziness, but at least he’s not being douchey about it.

Spaces, a project I started in 2011, will relaunch tomorrow on Restless Cities publishing original entries weekly featuring musician Benoit Pioulard, author Deb Olin Unferth, Filipino filmmaker Jerrold Tarog, Reykjavík City’s official illustrator Rán Flygenring, and more. New entries will also be added within the next month!