Sentimental Lady (Originally by Bob Welch)” by Benoît Pioulard

You are here and warm
But I could look away and you’d be gone
'Cause we live in a time
When meaning falls in splinters from our lives
And that’s why I’ve traveled far
'Cause I come so together where you are


Halló, this is Iceland. 

I know that you are only a human, and that you are very busy and important, and because you will not exist for millions of years (like me) you want to use your time really well. But if you like listening to good, honest music made by the clever people living on me, then the people in a serious feather made this moving picture for you. It only takes you half an hour to watch, and it has many Icelandic bands that are not Sigur Rós in it.

Bless bless, 
- Iceland 

#Icelandic bands that are not Sigur Rós HAHAHA

A Coin On The Tongue" by Benoît Pioulard

I find it immensely difficult to describe how I feel about things that I really have so much love for. Remember that sad excuse for a blog entry when I saw Sufjan live? It was so hard for me to write about it because of all those feelings I could not translate into words. It’s exactly the same case when I’m trying to get a friend to listen to Thomas Meluch’s music. It’s just so beautiful and emotional that the only way to really go about it is to post a song or two and make people hear it for themselves.

Talamak" by Toro Y Moi

Call you closer to my arms
You’ll feel better when you’re warm
Do you like it when you leave your house?
Do you like it when you’re in a town?
That you love
Like one I live in
Like one I live in

Consider me hooked! I love the cinematography so much which is partly why I’ve been watching this video again and again.

My Impatience" by DM Stith

I remember him performing this song live at The Beacon Theatre when he opened for Sufjan Stevens. Pamela and I were just blown away by his whole set. This is going to be part of his next album and it’s just beautiful especially the part towards the end. Ahh. Amazing talent.