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The Joy Formidable at The Mayan

When you’re covering a show, most of the time it’s exciting. But there are a lot of idle times as well like when you’re waiting for the band to finish setting up and you’re all alone. You check your phone a hundred times, tweet stupid things to pass the time (and flood innocent people’s timelines), and look awkward. So my mind wanders. A lot. A couple of things I thought of while covering the Beach Fossils show:

  • I think I want to do this for a very long time. Could I?
  • These guys are so well-dressed. I’m so glad tucking in is cool again. Also, their legs are much thinner than mine. How is this fair?
  • That Sweater Girls member really looks like Kathy.
  • I’m really getting some major Bob Dylan vibes from Dustin.
  • Is he the same guy from the band Yuck?
  • This freakin’ pit is for skinny people. Damn it. I can barely move.
  • I’d really like to do this more often.
  • I need to pee.

More live photos from this show (and the previous ones I’ve covered) have been added to my website. (And yes, I know that Dustin is NOT the same guy from Yuck.)

The Echoplex, LA 

Shot for Grimy Goods!

Two of my favorite shots from the show. Also, this is officially my 3,000th post!

Beach Fossils
The Echoplex, LA 

Shot for Grimy Goods!

Concert photography used to scare the shit out of me. I kind of enjoyed it!

Beach Fossils
The Echoplex, LA

Shot for Grimy Goods!

Dustin of Beach Fossils