When you’re covering a show, most of the time it’s exciting. But there are a lot of idle times as well like when you’re waiting for the band to finish setting up and you’re all alone. You check your phone a hundred times, tweet stupid things to pass the time (and flood innocent people’s timelines), and look awkward. So my mind wanders. A lot. A couple of things I thought of while covering the Beach Fossils show:

  • I think I want to do this for a very long time. Could I?
  • These guys are so well-dressed. I’m so glad tucking in is cool again. Also, their legs are much thinner than mine. How is this fair?
  • That Sweater Girls member really looks like Kathy.
  • I’m really getting some major Bob Dylan vibes from Dustin.
  • Is he the same guy from the band Yuck?
  • This freakin’ pit is for skinny people. Damn it. I can barely move.
  • I’d really like to do this more often.
  • I need to pee.

More live photos from this show (and the previous ones I’ve covered) have been added to my website. (And yes, I know that Dustin is NOT the same guy from Yuck.)